Air Handling

FRIMEC is founded as the result of the strategic collaboration between two organisations that are market leaders in their own right; FRIMEC of Portugal and TICA Air Conditioning - a Brtish Chinese joint venture.

FRIMEC's relentless effort are rewarded by the numerous design and application patents they own such as the FRIMEC International AHU with flushed interior and air-tight cabinet using patented extruded frames.

FRIMEC's products are the bridges that bring us closer to our customers and to the market. Extensive research is conducted on all materials and components in their products to ensure quality and reliability. All products manufactured by FRIMEC are subjected to rigorous testing to meet international safetly and performance standards.

FRIMEC International adheres to the best industry manufacturing processes for quality assurance. They strictly implement the ISO 9001 Quality System as well as embrace good manufacturing practises such as 5S, Small Group Activities (SGA) and Total Quality Management (TQM). Meanwhile, the enviroment is also not neglected and they comply to the ISO 14001 Enviromental Management System.