Energy saving card

Eco Harmonics Card

What is Eco Harmonics?

Eco Harmonics is a CARD with a proprietary vibrational wave technology, a unique vibrational wave innovation. This invention reduces wastage of electricity and uses electricity more efficiently resulting in lower electricity bills.

How does it work?

This innovative vibrational technology is powerful enough to have an impact on the excess electricity in any wiring system. Electrical engineers have known for a long time that there is excess electricity feeding into every household, commercial buildings and manufacturing sites.

Now, whether you use that extra electricity or not, you pay for it every month. The vibration in Eco Harmonics has the ability to compress the excess electricity within the wiring system. Wastage of electricity is hence reduced and you SAVE on your electricity bill.

Plants generate harmonics (7.8hz) and that's what makes a wonderful ambiance and everything in good check and balance. Our card in fact consist of harmonics which alone will not work unless activated to vibrate. This is what Eco Harmonic card is all about, contains harmonic and activated and works by vibration. It is an intangible item and cannot be seen but in order to test her presence and work, a loaded factor can be used to authenticate it. Here we use electricity whereby before applying the card read the EMF and also the Amps first. After applying the card you will see a drop in both the EMF and Amps. What the card does is to contract the EMF which causes wastages in your electric supply into your home and therefore utilize all this that were previously wasted and thus you use the maximum by reducing the wastage.

Note that voltage should not be tampered with and the card does nothing to the voltage. One knows that when voltage drops or otherwise, it will cause problems to electrical equipments.