Climaveneta, founded in 1971, with 6 operations and total production area over than 90,000 sqm all over the world, has become the 1st European manufacturer and the 5th in the world.

Specializing in the production of heating/cooling units for commercial & industrial air-conditioning purposes, as well as civil and residential system, Climaveneta offers a complete range of products providing cooling capacities from 2kW to 3000 kW.

Using know-how built up over forty years of experience, Climaveneta has developed innovative solutions, designed and built with professionalism that has enabled the company to qualify for the highest standards of approval.

Climaveneta Chatunion was set up in Shanghai since 2003, which is specialized in manufacturing and selling chiller, heat pump, hydraulic terminals and related controllers.

As a wholly foreign-funded enterprise, all products manufactured in China follow same products design; production process and quality control as in Italy headquarter.

Climaveneta is aware that technological systems are among the most crucial elements in modern buildings and urban design. The usability, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of our surroundings depend upon these systems, as well as health and well-being of the people who spend their time there.

No matter whether office accommodations or residential buildings, shopping centres or hotels, hospitals or leisure centres, to provide for perfect comfort means to create the ideal comfort conditions determined by the usage of each building, and by the specific needs of each customer.

Our 40 years of leading experience in comfort solutions allowed us to identify some major applications, sharing similar structural characteristics and comfort requirements.
• Airports
• Shopping Centres
• Office buildings
• Museums and cultural institutions
• Hotels, villages and leisure centers
• Health care centres
• Exhibitions and congress centers
• Industrial processes
• Residential buildings
• Sports facilities and cinemas

We developed tailored solutions for each of them. Thus we blend the advantages of dedicated systems for specific comfort needs with the quality and efficiency of large scale manufacturing, organized according to lean thinking principles.
Always the right solution for every comfort need.

Multistack is the brainchild of engineer, Ron Conry and evolved over the 20 years he spent repairing and rebuilding large central plant equipment in the US and Australia.

Multistack was born out of Ron’s frustration with the inadequacies of existing chiller technology for new construction, retrofit and industrial process cooling.

His ideal system had to be space efficient and compact. It had to be easy to install and flexible enough to cope with changing system requirements and designs. It had to be energy efficient particularly at partial or low loads because large centrifugals are not and this is where the systems operate most of the time.

Ron’s concept led him to conceive the modular chiller system we now know as Multistack.

With a modular system, there is no need for a vast model range with the associated huge development and tooling costs which inevitably be passed on to the purchaser.

With a modular system, you can standardize on one mass manufactured product and get it 100% right. With the use of standard componentry, parts inventories are far simpler. Costs come down and flexibility goes up.

Computer control locks the individual refrigeration circuits together so the Multistack bank operates as a single, unified chiller. State of the art micro processor technology means you can record answers to all the diagnostic questions simply, economically and reliably.

Header pipes link each module’s water flow. The electricity supply locks together with active links.

Ron Conry likes to compare Multistack with a domestic refrigerator. Multistack operates on the same principle, with hermetically sealed compressors and all the other components being standard, off-the-shelf items.

The Multistack system is simply a revolution in lateral thinking. Take its heat exchangers for example. To get the highest efficiency and the most compact size, Ron Conry ignored the widely used but bulky shell and tube and co-axial systems. And standard gasketted plate heat exchangers were far too complex for Ron’s liking.

To achieve the most compact size and highest efficiency, Multistack uses brazed plate heat exchangers, a technology developed in the 1970s. With Multistack, the magic is no magic at all.